Graduate Training

Since 1995, Psychological Consultations has been dedicated to providing an unmatched level of training and preparation for graduate students in psychology. Based on the belief in holistic therapeutic interventions and incorporating a diversity of treatment modalities, Psychological Consultations offers a unique opportunity to experience a breadth and depth of psychological training. We pride ourselves in providing quality services in a variety of modalities and theories to diverse clientele. We emphasize treatment encompassing the whole person, and rely on the integration of spiritual, physical, mental, social, financial, and interpersonal health, as well as Adlerian theory (and others), in treatment. We also work to incorporate contemporary scientific research. Our practice is an intimate supportive learning environment; everyone is expected to bring their own mix of life experiences into an atmosphere of collaboration and sharing, specifically designed to further learning and development. We warmly embrace the variety of professional ideas and believe that from this diversity comes a stronger conceptualization of each client.

Psychological Consultations offers quality training on a variety of levels to doctoral graduate students in psychology. We would encourage qualified candidates to review more information about our Graduate Externships and Graduate Internships.